What is TaolCash ?

One sickness of the crypto-currency world is over-technicality and confounding language. We accept that blockchain innovation can be conveyed to a bigger user-base with effortlessness, and less disarray. TaolCash is striving to be one of the pioneers in appropriation of advanced cash for ordinary utilize. We proposed to rearrange and bring the effective peer-to-peer record framework into the hands of regular individuals who will utilize it for everyday exchanges.

Our vision to achieve usually to put the community and the individuals to begin with. We regularly talk of ourselves as a community money and appreciate the basic comments and intuitive of new clients to blockchain innovation. We permit them to direct how we ought to make things simpler and more effective for their utilize. We too are community run and crave to set the system of an open source system where this cash will sustain with the community in control not a huge financial specialist or any larger centralized substance. We want for TAOL to stay and proceed as a decentralized money for the individuals.


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Since the starting of TaolCash there has been a crave from numerous of the group individuals to remain anonymous in their commitments. This has made a difference the group center on the most extend and guarantee steady growth. We see the same within the unique vision of bitcoin, secrecy was too portion of its success. Our objective is comes about that are unmistakable in user-interaction and appropriation and not to center on the developers behind the scenes.


Numerous ERC20 tokens beginning are utilized by businesses that are centralized substances. The first vision of blockchain innovation is to function in a way that's peer to peer and not a portion of any centralized center. The genius of this innovation is that it runs and works separated from the control of any one individual. Whether utilizing the ETH blockchain or beginning our claim, the objective will be to guarantee a de-centralized model is maintained.

Open Source

In keeping with the soul of numerous ventures within the crypto world we crave to be open source with everything that is created. From Wallet Apps to any E-commerce applications. Everything will be open source or discharged onto Github after starting advancement. This will permit for further innovation and for anybody to require portion in making strides TaolCash.

Large Airdrop

Airdropping of token monetary forms may be a trend right presently as a PR stunt for numerous unused tokens beginning. We are looking to airdrop not fair portion of the cash but the lion-share to a large-user base. This will set us separated from numerous of the tokens beginning that are basically doing a little airdrop to boost recognition of their branding. We gauge as much as 60-70% will be airdropped being the other 30-40% is used for bounties, financial specialist subsidizing and rewards (not installment) for starting advancement work done for TaolCash.


A huge center is the advancement of a solid and huge community that's dynamic and making a difference manage the future of the TaolCash currency. We see the esteem of the cash in its community and this will guarantee the long-term strength of development, development and utilize of TaolCash.


An critical perspective of this venture is its outward centered objective of mass appropriation rate. Innovation and enhancement to the blockchain innovation is vital but on the off chance that it isn't being utilized it becomes fair test-tube tests but not connected to real-life. We accept in its appropriation to a huge userbase of indeed non-crypto disapproved individuals that the technology will got to adjust and alter and this will bring development something else not thought of.


A address inquired over and over once more in this extend is “can it be done more simply.” The complexity of many frameworks that utilize bitcoin innovation limit the field of convenience. TaolCash endeavors to be unique amongst computerized monetary forms to keep things basic, user-friendly and indeed fun to use.










How it Works ?

TaolCash may be a de-centralized Cash on blockchain technology. Open Source. Community run and maintained. It may be a money eventually claimed by the individuals who hold it, a monetary framework possessed by individuals and not by a huge substance.

TaolCash is planned to be majorly distributed as grants to adopters for upkeep and ceaseless advancement of the extend. The 50 % of tokens are to be airdropped unreservedly. This once more is another endeavor to begin a development of a crypto community that cannot be controlled by major givers or budgetary speculators but each individual of the community includes esteem to the currency. Instead of hubs it is individuals. Rather than trade choices, it is passionate people embracing a other way of thinking and exchanging cash through blockchain innovation.

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Tokens exchange rate

1ETH=1,000,000,000 TAOL

Minimal transaction amount

0,01 ETH

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September 2019

Research and Technical Development

October 2019

Airdrop & Bounty

December 2019

Exchange Listing

February 2020

Online Store Integration

March 2020

Mobile Apps For IOS & Android

April 2020

Own Blockchain Development



Dilan Jos

Project Manager


Thomas Vinicius

Analyst Programer


Hery Tro

ICO Theme Expert








Timmy Gray


Distribution of tokens

Use of proceeds


De-centralized Currency on blockchain technology. Open Source. Community run and Maintained. Safe and Secure platform
Ensure you have at least 0.01 ETH in your MEW Wallet. Set Limit = 70k , GAS = 15. Gwei or check gas : https://ethgasstation.info/ Send ETH to Smart Contract: 0xeC91FccA41E8Ab83dD5bc2bbCc2Ffb71E314BA25. TAOL tokens are automatically sent to your wallet.
1,000,000,000,000 TAOL
We are in discussion with exchanges and will update this section when we have relevant information.
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